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Harmony Trumpets

  • B&S Metropolitan C Trumpet Outfit
    B&S Metropolitan C Trumpet Outfit

    The NEW B&S Metropolitan C trumpet

    Introducing the B&S Metropolitan - a new series of trumpets made 100% in the German tradition with American musicians in mind. The design features are thanks to a proud partnership between B&S and J. Landress Brass owner and renowned brass expert, Josh Landress. The Metropolitan series is a complete departure from the already established Challenger Series as it has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Features of this revolutionary series include a 2-piece valve section, lightweight Monel piston stems, and a harmonic balancing system. The B&S Metropolitan C Trumpet model also features a newly designed bell flare, thickness, and rim, leadpipe and mouthpiece receiver.

    This new and "one-of-a-kind" model has been tested by the best orchestral musicians in the USA. The result of which will allow players of all kinds to have superior intonation, an an exceptional balance of resonance and brilliances, and a perfect marriage of high volume threshold, resistance and control. As all musicians are not created equally, our unique harmonic balancing system provides musicians the ability to finely tune the instruments to fit their own unique personality. 


    Key: C

    Bore: 0.462"

    Bell: 4.782" hand-hammered one-piece

    Valves: 3 top-sprung hand lapped lightweight Monel pistons


    - Two-piece valve section

    - Newly designed leadpipe/mouthpiece receiver

    - Harmonic Balancing system 

    Model: BSMET-C-2-0D
    Manufacturer: B&S
    Price: $2,999.95
  • Bach C190SL229 "Cleveland" Silver C Trumpet Outfit
    Bach C190SL229 "Cleveland" Silver C Trumpet Outfit
    • • Newly designed #25 M leadpipe provides stability of intonation and slotting of notes
    • • The regular weight #229 yellow brass bell with enhanced engraving has focused projection with the ability to color the sound
    • • The two-piece valve casing offers better feedback to the player and more overtones in the sound
    • • Vincent Bach “Symphonic Series” 1 ½ C mouthpiece, S6511HC4, (24 throat and 24 backbore)
    • • Throwback shop warranty card included as a tribute to how Vincent Bach documented his Mt. Vernon horns
    • • .462” large bore tubing
    • • 3rd slide pin stop
    • • Sculpted wide footed bracing
    • • Monel pistons
    • • Deluxe woodshell case, classic bach case design

    Model: C190SL229
    Manufacturer: Bach
    Price: $3,669.00