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Student Model Bassoons

We highly recommend that you consider our rental plan for your student instrument. Your rental payments apply toward purchase of the instrument, however you may return the instrument at any time without further obligation. For more information or to rent an instrument now, visit our rental page or our rental FAQ page.
  • RS Berkeley BS348 Artist Series Bassoon
    RS Berkeley BS348 Artist Series Bassoon

    BS348 Artist Series Bassoon

    Crafted from select maple wood - full Heckel key system - high Eb key - 24 nickel plated keys - 5 roller keys - whisper key mechanism lock - self-acting G-ring - 2 bocals - joint lock thumb rest - includes custom case, neck cord, reed & reed case - trill keys include a High E Key & E-F#

    Model: BS348
    Manufacturer: RS BERKELEY
    Price: $3,095.00
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