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Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory Ver. 3 Vol.1 - Student CD-ROM

Price: $26.99

The award-winning theory software, Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, is now available in a new and updated Version 3! This software features a fresh new interface and more activities to teach students everything they need to know about music theory. The Student Version includes narration and animation of music theory concepts through lessons, exercises, games, tests and ear training, with recordings of a variety of acoustic instruments to motivate students while strengthening musical skills. The program includes randomized exercises, ear training, and graded reviews for each unit. A complete glossary of musical terms and symbols with written definitions, pronunciations and visual/aural examples is also included. The Student Version is intended for use by one user at a time, and is ideal for private study or when tracking progress for other users is not necessary. Appropriate for ages 8 to Adult. PC/Mac compatible. Volume 1 (Lessons 1-25) includes: Treble & Bass Clefs; 4/4, 3/4 & 2/4 Time Signatures; Flats, Sharps & Naturals; Whole & Half Steps; Dynamic Signs, Tempo Markings & Articulation; and note values up to Eighth Notes & Rests The complete curriculum of Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory (available separately) includes Student Books, a Teacher’s Answer Key, Ear Training CDs, Double Bingo games, Flash Cards, Reproducible Teacher’s Activity Kits, and interactive software for students and teachers in private study, studio and network environments. System Requirements Windows 7, Vista, XP - Intel Pentium 3 1GHz or faster; Macintosh OS.4 - Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or Power PC (G4 1GHz or faster); 400MB hard drive space, 512MB RAM, Speakers or headphones

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Alfred
Composer/Author: Surmani and Manus
Catalog Number: 34626