Beyond the Gate - String Orchestra

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When possible, the following poem is to be read to the audience by a willing individual from the orchestra immediately prior to the performance.  All notes are to be played with a legato bow unless otherwise specified.  All accidentals are only applicable in the octave and measure in which they appear.  Approximate duration of the piece is 8 minutes 30 seconds.

Beyond the Gate the open land speaks in greens beckoning to the firefly grove where sapphire shimmers on gossamer wings dance in lightness, stand stoic in shadows

The mirror pond is calm and still no etchings mar its surface-glass Yet there is movement beneath the depths, beyond the gate, a murmuring above the mirror, nothing can be seen, not the ripples, carried almost to the circle-surface only to fall deep, float back down the mirror pond shines, calm and still

The hosta garden is alive jump the bugs and humming bees swarm the broad-leafed hubs and spring from emerald plant to plant frantically flinging their crunchy bodies in all their speed they can't live long...

And the fountains, aqua blue flow up in a solid, powerful stroke and arc, hanging just barely in the air their fluid bodies beginning to sparkle, then the waters, rushing earthwards splash down upon their rock-basins diving down to rejoin the depths

String Orchestra, Grade Level 4 - score and parts included

Publisher: Trn Music
Composer/Author: Boyd, Stephanie Ann
Catalog Number: BEY1