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RAV Vast Tongue Drum - D Major Scale

Catalog: RAV-D-MAJOR

Price: $895.00


A cheerful sound, an uplifting timbre, and super easy to learn! That’s what makes it the odds-on favourite among both beginners and professional musicians.

The drum produces a soft and cheerful sound with a slight melancholiac feeling. Just like memories about the good old times, the sound of this drum evokes a bittersweet feeling of happiness.

The sound of this drum can remind you of the B Celtic Minor. However, it has its own unique voice. The central bass tongue is tuned in D. The 8 notes are tuned in 3rd and 4th octave.

The drum belongs to Western culture. The D Major scale was commonly used in European classical music and, being a base for violin music, became popular in the Baroque period.

It works perfectly with pretty much any other RAV Vast drum and creates the perfect symphony with the B Celtic. If you are going to jam with other instruments, guitars will be the best addition to the D Major.

D3 G3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4

Manufacturer: RAV