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RAV Vast Tongue Drum - D Blues Scale

Catalog: RAV-D-BLUES

Price: $895.00


Like Jamie Lee Curtis’s dance in True Lies, like a Two Feet song at a maximum volume, like your most favorite dessert D Blues entices and teases you with its velvet sound. The atmosphere created with this scale is romantic, passionate, even intimate. Based on a traditional blues gamma this RAV has a mysterious deep sound that carries dynamics as well as tension. Among all the steel tongue drums in our range, this one is a sexy fellow.

The D Blues has a tricky note layout so will be difficult for a beginner. But for a musician with a string instrument background this RAV will be a great tool for building technical skills and mastering musical theory. The D Blues scale gives a brilliant opportunity for composers and songwriters to find themselves in the direction they’ve never been before but wouldn’t ever leave.

Every up-to-date detective story has a mystery and a romance. Our RAV Vast D Blues is exactly like that. It produces a magnificent sound that is full of enigma and understatement, yet with a big desire to know what’s next. Inspired by the music of Angelo Badalamenti, the composer of the world famous series The Twin Peaks, we managed to put a secret, a riddle inside the instrument’s music. It is so powerful that it makes your whole body instantly resonate to it. Because of the bluesy and jazzy nature of the drum’s scale the music brings in a certain dynamic – a feeling of tension, ambiguity and a great impulse for disclosure.

Blues as a genre originated in the South of America in the 1870-s. Afro-American rural communities created work songs with their full hearts and troubled spirits. These songs had a call-and-response form of lyrics, chants and low-down tone. First, the music was vocal, but later the workers started accompanying themselves with any available instrument, or that could be made from the resources at hand. With the dramatic rise of the recording industry in the 1920-s, blues became very popular. Through years, melancholic ballads changed into groovy and funky melodies. By 1950-s the genre was popular among people of all social classes and backgrounds. The trance-like rhythm and the performers’ eccentric behaviour on the scene hypnotised the public, so they not just danced, they convulsed and screamed ‘I want you!’ to the musicians. Remember Jimi Hendrix!

Such contemporary genres as country, rock’n’roll and R’n’B came from blues. Now blues can be played with any imaginable instrument.

The classical blues gamma was the basis for the RAV Vast D Blues scale. The tongues of the steel drum are tuned in 3rd and 4th octave with the central Ding in D3. This drum is a minor pentatonic with lowered 5th and 7th steps. The instrument has two halftones: G#4 at the top and G#3 at the right bottom. Due to the peculiar properties of the notes’ layout D Blues can be tricky for those who want to get acquainted with RAVs.

For whom this scale will work

D Blues scale will be a perfect choice for advanced RAV players or musicians with string instruments background. For the guitar or piano players, it will make the most sense. Those who participate in a band or are fond of composing and songwriting will also find it appealing. Blues scale is perfect for practicing improvisation and to become a professional in it. The drum produces a very jazzy sound and the note combination is very special, so one has to have an ear for the direction in which the tune is going. To be able to harmonically mix the notes and tones on the D Blues, you’d better have the music theory knowledge.

If you don’t – better pay attention to our easy-level instruments like RAV G Pygmy, that also has a mysterious sound, C Golden Gate, that has a dreamy mood, or B Celtic Minor, that is perfect for pure starters.

RAV Vast D Blues has a lot of character and endless music possibilities. Owning the instrument will give you access to more musical directions and ideas you never expected to exist. It will be your tool and guide in creating compelling, intricate yet lush and sensuous musical masterpieces.

D3 F3 G3 G#3 A3 C4 D4 F4 G4 G#4

Manufacturer: RAV