Yamaha SA2200 Semi-Hollow, Double-Cutaway Electric Guitar - Violin Sunburst

Catalog: SA2200VIOLIN

Price: $2099.99

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Refining Tradition to Perfection

The Hollow Series has faced continuous model changes and new lineup expansions in response to market demands and trends since 1966. Such an achievement has only been done by Yamaha because no other company has developed both acoustic craftsmanship and electronic technology. Current lineups offer various body styles and pickup configurations to accommodate a diverse range of player requests.

The SA2200 combines a classic design with outstanding craftsmanship, premium materials and player-focused features to create a guitar that perfectly combines looks, sound and playability.


  • Laminated Sycamore Body/Soft Maple Center Block
  • Yamaha Humbucking Pickups/Alnico V
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Gotoh SG30 Tuning Machines
  • Gotoh GE103B Bridge
  • Gotoh GE101Z Tailpiece
  • Made in Japan

Semi-Hollow Body

What looks like a full acoustic guitar is actually a semi-hollow design with a center block located underneath the bridge to prevent feedback.


Humbucker type with Alnico V magnets. Three-point support system provides fine height adjustment between pickup and strings.


  • Front Volume
  • Rear Volume
  • Front Tone (Push-Pull Coil Split)
  • Rear Tone (Push-Pull Coil Split)


Precision design offers accurate height, tension and intonation adjustment.

Model: SA2200VIOLIN
Manufacturer: Yamaha