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Hall Crystal Flute in D - 0392 Dundee Celtic

Catalog: HALL392

Price: $72.25


The Hall Crystal Flute in "D"

Hall's largest flute produces deep and beautiful mellow tones. This flute is highly recommended for the adult professional and the novice player alike. If the player's hands are large enough that the finger holes can be sealed properly, the D flute is the easiest to play. The finger spacing is slightly wider than the modern concert flute. The D flute's tone is superior to the piccolo and G flute.

The D flute is a good choice for Irish music, as the fingering is very close to penny whistle fingering, and so much of the music is written to suit D flutes and whistles.

This beautiful flute is handmade by flute maker James Hall, using Pyrex® glass. It is hand-decorated with glass enamels, making each flute a work of art. Kiln firing at 1050°F permanently fuses the decoration to the glass. Each flute is carefully hand tuned and shaped with a modern Boehm taper to produce a note range of two and one half octaves. The flute has a beautiful tone, and is about 22 inches long.

Included: green gift box, fingering chart, and one year warranty. All Hall products are 100% made in the USA by the Hall family.

Model: HALL392
Manufacturer: Hall Crystal Fl