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Yamaha KRB-6 Artist Master Gray Rubber Keyboard Mallets

Catalog: KRB6B

Price: $21.00


Artist Masterâ„¢ Keyboard Mallets

The Artist-Master mallets feature a choice of black birch, rattan or fiberglass shafts. These mallets are perfect for general band room use, as well as for the professional performer

Length = 15.25"

Product Description
Model Material Color Hardness Shape
KRB-1 Unwound Black rubber Extra Soft Elliptical
KRB-2 Unwound Tan rubber Soft Elliptical
KRB-3 Unwound Brown rubber Medium Soft Elliptical
KRB-4 Unwound Light green rubber Medium Elliptical
KRB-5 Unwound Dark green rubber Medium Hard Elliptical
KRB-6 Unwound Gray rubber Hard Elliptical
KWB-7 Unwound Large maple Medium Elliptical
KWB-8A Unwound Large rosewood Hard Elliptical
KBB-9 Unwound Brass Hard Elliptical
KPB-91 Unwound Polly ball Medium Hard Round
KPB-92 Unwound Lexan Hard Round
KPB-93 Unwound White phenolic Extra Hard Round
KPB-10 Unwound Black Extra Hard Round

Model: KRB6B
Manufacturer: Yamaha