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Adventures of Peer Gynt (Puppet Production) - DVD

Catalog: JG006D

Price: $17.95

Follow Peer Gynt into an enchanting world of witches, trolls and animals as award-winning puppeteer Jim Gamble creates a delightful marionette production of The Adventures of Peer Gynt. Through imaginative puppetry skills, Peer Gynt, Green Hilda, Whirling Dervishes and the powerful Mountain King come to life. Based on the classic story by Henrik Ibsen, with Edward Grieg's splendid music performed by the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and Debrecen Philharmonic Orchestra, this wonderful puppet production will charm children of all ages. Jim Gamble has been creating puppets for over 40 years. He is the master puppeteer for the Los Angeles Music Center, and has built puppets for Disneyland and Disney World. DVD Ages 3 and Up

Model: JG006D
Manufacturer: JIM GAMBLE