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A521 Bass Recorder - Knick (Bent-neck) Style

Price: $303.50


The Aulos A521 bass recorder is in the "knick" or bent-neck style, a 20th-century innovation that brings the body of the recorder closer to the player (great for younger or smaller players) and allows direct blowing, resulting in a clearer, less breathy sound than traditional bocal bass recorders, and allowing easier playing in extreme ranges.

The A521 has a warm, complex tone. The low F and F# have separate toneholes, giving the A521 a very stable, clear low F, F#, and G, without the stuffiness of other basses which use a ring-shaped set of 2 pads on the same tonehole.

It is constructed from durable ABS resin in dark brown and ivory, and has Baroque fingering, an integral thumb rest, and a curved windway. It comes with a padded soft vinyl case with double handles and compartments for each piece, a padded neckstrap, joint grease, cleaning rod, cleaning cloth, and a fingering chart.

Model: A521B
Manufacturer: Aulos