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39-Player Rhythm Band Set


Price: $129.95

This great, economical 39-player rhythm band set contains all you need for a roomful of great rhythm fun!

Contents include 1 hand tom with mallet, 1 hand snare with mallet, 4 pairs of student finger cymbals, 2 economy wood blocks with mallets, 2 small wood tone blocks with handles and mallets, 2 guiro tone blocks with mallets, 2 pairs of economy claves, 1 economy castanet on a handle, 2 automatic castanets, 2 four-bell wristlets, 1 pair 5" cymbals with handles, 3 jingle taps, 2 three-bell cluster bells, 3 pairs sand blocks, 2 six-inch tambourines with head, 4 pairs plain rhythm sticks, 2 5" triangles with strikers, 2 pairs plastic maracas, and 1 white plastic storage tub with lay-on lid.