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Music Mind Games Handbook

Catalog Number: MMGHB

Price: $12.95

Students, teachers and parents looking for a reference source, new ideas, and guidance will find this 40-page full color Music Mind Games Handbook endlessly useful. Used with the Music Mind Games Puppy Packet materials, students will easily and happily learn music reading and theory skills vital for all music students. This handbook contains numerous photos, creative illustrations, reference charts on blue jello rhythms and hand signs, intervals, solfege syllables, Curwen hand signs, over 150 musical symbols and terms, tempos, clefs, notes and rests, time signatures, cadences, dynamics, conducting patterns, names of piano keys, Daily "Do", triads, chords, key signatures, scales, curriculum ideas, a chart of 11 Classic Games, tips for teachers, tips for parents, and tips for organizing classes. More than 150 music symbols and terms are clearly illustrated and with easy-to-understand definitions. Teachers and parents will find the curriculum guidelines useful to help decide which subjects to teach at various ages and levels. The handbook does not include descriptions of games although there are thirty colored photos showing a variety of games. The chart of Classic Games describes 65 game variations to teach a variety of music theory subjects. Additionally, refer to the book Music Mind Games, Michiko's upcoming book, Music Mind Games First Steps, game suggestions, and more videos on this website for game ideas. The handbook has been 13 years in preparation by Michiko as she continues to develop ideas on how children learn music theory. Music Mind Games teachers of many instruments and teaching backgrounds have contributed ideas to make this a most useful tool for any music education situation. The handbook will nicely supplement and complement the Music Mind Games text.

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Publisher: Music Mind Game
Catalog Number: MMGHB