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Music Symbol Cards Set 1

Catalog Number: MMGMS

Price: $7.25


The music symbol cards are used throughout Music Mind Games in beginning to advanced games to teach students (ages 4 - adult) symbols, signs and terms useful in interpreting written music. The symbols on each card are carefully reproduced so that students focus on the detail of individual symbols, making it easier to transition to printed music. Cards are arranged in a progressive order that's appropriate for learning. Set 1 includes 36 of the basic ones such as notes and rests, dynamic signs, directional signs and interpretive signs. Three games are included. About Music Symbol Cards - Set 1 Cards in Set 1: whole note, whole rest, half note, half rest, quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note, eighth rest, sixteenth note, sixteenth rest, treble clef, bass clef, alto clef, tenor clef, staff, bar line, measure, line, space, grand staff, ledger line, pianissimo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo, crescendo, decrescendo, diminuendo, ritardando, a tempo, legato, and staccato. When used with games from the book, Music Mind Games, these cards help students:

  • learn the meanings of various signs, symbols, and terms
  • learn how to interpret these signs, symbols, terms in music

The music symbol cards can be used independently and in combination with blue jello cards and magic notes. You will use the music symbol cards to play such games as: Dynamics, Follow That Sign, What Can You Find?, Pass Around and Act Out, I See, Orange Pairs and Double Bar Sit Down. The next levels of music symbol cards are in the planning stages.

Key features of the cards:

  • Music symbol cards are arranged in a progressive order.
  • When appropriate, symbols are written on a staff to show their relative size and/or their placement.
  • All symbols and signs have been drawn to look “real” like those found in a musical score.
  • Orange colored borders help students stay focused.
  • The centers of each card are white so they are easier to read.

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Publisher: Music Mind Game
Catalog Number: MMGMS