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Legato Lake Primer A and B - Whirligig

Catalog: WMLLAB

Price: $24.95


This game is an introduction to the language of music and helps students to learn music symbols and terms.

  • It gives parents and teachers the opportunity to introduce and review (drill) music terms and symbols. It is not necessary for parents to understand music to be able to easily play this game with their children.
  • It is available in four different levels, ranging from prestaff reading through late elementary. When a student becomes proficient at identifying the terms and symbols in one level, all that is needed is to go to the next level.
  • After playing Legato Lake, students become more aware of the music terms and symbols in their pieces. This results in a better understanding of what is required for a more accurate performance.
  • Each game is populated with brightly colored music theory fish.
  • "Bait" cards display the musical terms and symbols and the first player to "catch" all of the fish in his or her lake has caught the limit and is the winner!

Primer A and B Combination Game (2 - 8 players):  Includes right hand, left hand, finger numbers, the musical alphabet, treble clef, bass clef, staff, quarter rest, middle C, treble G, and more. 

Publisher: WHIRLIGIG
Catalog Number: WMLLAB