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Notewordy Level 2 Bass Clef Edition - Whirligig

Catalog Number: WMNW2B

Price: $22.95


The ability to read notes is essential for a musician. The objective of the NoteWordy game is to help a student gain proficiency in note reading. This will make it easier and more fun to play musical instruments or to sing.

  • Notes are presented on either treble or bass staves rather than on the grand staff. The goal is that the students will learn to look at the clef signs rather than assume that one would be treble or that the other would be bass.
  • NoteWordy is available in three editions: Grand Staff, Treble Staff only, and Bass Staff only.
  • There are no marks on the cards that identify the notes.
  • Unlike flash cards, the players must identify the notes in their hands many times for each turn. The amount of notes identified in every game is significantly higher than what would be covered by doing a set of flash cards.
  • Students love the game and even ask to work on note names by playing NoteWordy!
  • Each level of NoteWordy concentrates on a different area of the grand staff.
  • NoteWordy and CrossWordy games can be played in many ways, enabling the games to remain new and fresh.

Level 2: Bass Staff (2 - 4 players): This level includes 4-letter "word" game boards, up to 7-letter words on the CrossWordy boards, a deck of cards, and multi-colored playing pieces.

Notes included are from low G through middle C.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: WHIRLIGIG
Catalog Number: WMNW2B