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Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums (Bk/CD)

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Fusion is a word that first appeared in the physical sciences; this is, the merging or blending of two or more elements into a new element. It was in the late 1960s that this word gained currency in the musical world, such as that there now appears a new dictionary definition: "The blending or resulting blend of music styles or elements from more than one tradition, for example, jazz and rock." In the late 60s, access to music from all over the world became easier. The boundaries between different ingidenous styles of music began to dissolve, and musical compositions which emploed multiple stylistic influences began to appear. The result was a musical explosion and expanision of concepts that has never been equaled. It wasa fascinating and dynamic period.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Carl Fischer
Composer/Author: Plainfield, Kim
Catalog Number: CO3
Pages: 56