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D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Long Scale Electric Bass Strings

Catalog: ETB92

Price: $38.99

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Designed to produce a deep, warm tone with smooth feel, D’Addario Tapewound Bass strings are wound using a flattened black nylon which is polished to an ultra-smooth finish. These long-lasting, well-balanced strings are expertly engineered to provide optimal tension and are gauged to fit properly on standard bass saddles and nuts. Tapewounds may be used on fretted or fretless basses and are designed to deliver a vintage tone ranging from the “thump” of an upright bass to the focused depth of traditional flatwound strings.

  Diameter Tension
Note inches mm lbs kg
G 0.050 1.27 36.6 16.60
D 0.065 1.65 36.5 16.56
A 0.085 2.16 35.8 16.24
E 0.105 2.67 32.3 14.65

Model: ETB92
Manufacturer: D'Addario