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Schott Recorder Consort Anthology Vol. 1 - 15th Century

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The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology presents a wealth of music from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. Although the bulk of the collection is laid out for a variety of four-part ensembles, there are also duets and trios, as well as five- and six-part pieces.

The repertoire includes both original instrumental works and transcriptions of vocal pieces. There are lively and stately dances, fantasias, and arrangements of expressive madrigals, catchy chansons and more restrained religious pieces; all are chosen for their effective realization by recorder consorts. The complete series of 6 volumes includes 136 Renaissance pieces with notes on sources, editorial technique and interpretation.

Volume I: Music of the Fifteenth Century contains a valuable introduction to the series and to the art of consort playing. 2-4 recorders: Descant/Soprano, Treble/Alto, Tenor, and Bass recorders in various combinations.

Table of Contents:
  • Anonymous: Dindiridin (AAT)
  • Anonymous: Dit le Burguygnon (SATB)
  • Anonymous: Filles a marier (SATB)
  • Anonymous: L'Aultre Jour (ATT)
  • Anonymous: La Spanga in re (STB)
  • G. Binchois: De plus en plus (ATT)
  • G. Dufay: Se la face ay pale (SAT)
  • Introduction
  • J. Martini: La Martinella (SAT)
  • J. Ockeghem: Petite Camusette (SATT)
  • J. Prioris: Consumo la mia vita (ATT)
  • J. des Prés: Kyrie (Missa La sol fa re mi) (ATTB)
  • Notes
  • P. de la Rue: Pleni sunt coeli (SA)
  • R. Morton: L'Homme armé (SAT)
  • W. Frye: Ave Regina (ATT)

    Publisher: Schott
    Composer/Author: Various
    Arranger/Editor: Thomas, Bernard
    Catalog Number: ED12387
    Pages: 44

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