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Down in the Valley - CD

Catalog Number: NEDM6CD

Price: $15.00


This new collection of traditional singing games is similar in format to Jump Jim Joe. Andy Davis and the Amidons have put gathered some of their favorite singing games and music/movement activities collected over the last ten years since the Amidons published Jump Jim Joe.  Andy joins the Amidons and some local children (including Andy's son Arthur) in a wide range of arrangements of the songs to the singing games for the CD. The book has the clear instructions that characterize all of the New England Dancing Masters materials.

Table of Contents: CD

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  1. Down in the Valley
  2. Jump Josie
  3. Gramma Moses
  4. Hunt the Crows
  5. Hambone
  6. I Let Her Go-Go
  7. Down Down Baby
  8. Chee Chee Cha
  9. Roger is Dead
  10. Alabama Mississippi
  11. Charlie over the ocean
  12. Razzama Tazzama
  13. Step it Down
  14. Old Brass Wagon
  15. Green Sally Up
  16. Tweedle Eedle Ee
  17. Highland Gates
  18. Mr. B
  19. At the Bottom of the Sea
  20. Chicken and a'Chicken
  21. Boboneedle
  22. Ti Ya Ya
  23. Four White Horses
  24. The Tree Song
  25. Somebody's Waiting For Me

Table of Contents:

Publisher: New England DM
Catalog Number: NEDM6CD