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Duets for Krummhorn and Other Early Winds, Volume 3 - At the Octave

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These books' German title can be translated "Lessons and Exercises," but they are formatted as duets and can serve as both introductory technical material or easy to intermediate duet performance literature.

Compiled specifically for the limited ranges of the krummhorn, cornamuse, and kortholt - cylindrical-bored capped reed instruments of the Renaissance - these duets may also be played by shawms, recorders, other historical instruments, and most modern wind instruments. All music is in treble clef.

Each volume has been selected for a different combination of voicings, as follows:

V. 1 - two instruments separated by a fifth - SA or TB 

V. 2 - two unison instruments  - SS, AA, TT, etc.

V. 3 - two instruments at the octave - ST or AB or SnA (sopranino/alto)

V. 4 - two instruments separated by a fourth - AT or SnS (sopranino/soprano)

These books are designed for experienced musicians picking up a new instrument, and do not teach music-reading. They do include fingering charts for krummhorn, cornamuse, and kortholt, as well as photos of the instruments and a brief introduction which details additional literature for these instruments in 3, 4, and 5 voices.

For further instruction on specifics of technique, see EM2077 (EM2077MOECK), "How to Play the Krummhorn, Cornamuse, and Kortholt" by Georg-Wilhelm von Hantelmann.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Moeck
Composer/Author: Monkemeyer, Helmut
Catalog Number: EM2090


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