Mel Bay's Modern Viola Method, Grade 1 (Bk/CD)

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Emphasizes the development of consistent correct technique, while developing aural and music literacy skills simultaneously.

Develops intonation, bow technique, tone, and musicianship concurrently, building each lesson around a specific technical issue while combining music literacy, ear training and performance concepts.

These tunes are varied stylistically and include folk tunes from various cultures and original and classic melodies chosen for their musical value and accessibility.

The enclosed teaching points can also supplement Suzuki Violin repertoire and provide students and parents involved in Suzuki lessons additional ear training activities and music literacy exercises.

Facilitates skill development while providing opportunities to think and hear musically.

Spiral bound.

Table of Contents:
  • Foreword
  • Buying or Renting?
  • Index of Terms & Answer Key
  • Lesson 01 Holding and Plucking the Viola
  • Lesson 02 Using the Right Hand and Note Duration
  • Lesson 03 Left-Hand Posture
  • Lesson 04 Setting the Bowl
  • Lesson 05 The Seesaw and Bowing First Finger
  • Lesson 06 Using all Four Fingers and the Bow
  • Lesson 07 Crossing Strings and Eighth Notes
  • Lesson 08 Walking and Prepared Fingers
  • Lesson 09 Playing on All Strings
  • Lesson 10 Bow Circles with Silent Landings
  • Lesson 11 Ring Tones and the 4th Finger
  • Lesson 12 Pickup Notes and Bow Direction
  • Lesson 13 Longer Bows and the Legato Bow Stroke
  • Lesson 14 Duple and Triple Meter
  • Lesson 15 Double Stops
  • Lesson 16 Finger Hops and Key Signatures
  • Lesson 17 Counting While Playing and the 6/8 Time Signature
  • Lesson 18 Octave Harmonics and Rests
  • Lesson 19 Changing Bow Speed
  • Lesson 20 Slurs and Dotted Quarters
  • Lesson 21 Low Second Finger and Scale Construction
  • Lesson 22 Hooked Bows and Transposition
  • Lesson 23 Long Bows and Bow-Hand Shapes
  • Lesson 24 Sixteenth Notes and Subdivision
  • Lesson 25 Low First Finger, High Third Finger and Accidentals
  • Sizing and Preparing the Instrument to Play
  • Thoughts on Practice

    Publisher: Mel Bay
    Composer/Author: Norgaard/Scott
    Catalog Number: MB21547BCD

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