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Bumblebee Loops - Clarinet (or Flute or Violin) Study

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Bumblebee Loops: A Practice Guide to Performing a Lightning Fast 'Flight of the Bumblebee' is a guide to improve your speed and musicality on the solo The Flight of the Bumblebee, but goes deeper to help you work out and improve the sound and artistry of any musical passage. This music book is meant for violin, flute, or clarinet but useful to any musician. Chris Jones serves up tips and hundreds of bite-sized musical excerpts to help you:

  • Identify messy and uneven intervallic and rhythmical flaws
  • Increase your focus and practice discipline
  • Execute smooth, clean, fast, elegant technique that blossoms musicality
  • Apply these tools to any tough musical passage

By the end of Bumblebee Loops, you'll understand the importance of focus, persistence, and take the right steps toward becoming a total musician. It is also meant to supplement the Bumblebee solo you already own, see solo version suggestions and links below.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Chris Jones
Composer/Author: Jones, Christopher D
Catalog Number: JONES01
Pages: 69