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Beethoven's Wig CD

Catalog: 1166181122

Price: $14.35

Inspired and wildly imaginative, Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along (and Dance Along) Symphonies are zany stick-in-your-head lyrics set to some of the greatest masterpieces of classical music. Each piece is filled with fact and fancy about the world's most notable composers and their masterpieces, opening a door to serious music in a way that's fun. Read the hardcover story about Beethoven's ever-growing wig aloud to the tune of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, then sing and play along with the first CD, using the piano vocal collection. Add the additional CDs in the series to help your students continue the fun of learning classical music, all with enjoyable, memorable lyrics! Step into a fun foundation for classical music and timeless dances that will last a lifetime.

Publisher: Rounder Kids
Catalog Number: 1166181122