Developing Band Warm-Up - Young Band

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Developing Band Warm-Up

for Concert Band Grade 2

From the RWS Developing Band series

Developing Band Warm-Up is a focused and sequential warm-up routine for the progressing concert band. In addition to warming up the individual musicians at the beginning of a rehearsal period, the conductor and teacher will find in each section of the piece ample opportunity to develop and reinforce crucial ensemble skills such as:

  • Breathing, and use of steady airstream
  • Slurs, hands, and fingerings, emphasizing correct hand positions
  • Extended concept of correct hand positions and fingerings for various tempi
  • Articulations and enunciation
  • Tuning
  • Combining all elements together

Table of Contents:
  • 1. Air and More Air!
  • 2. Slurs, Hands and Fingers
  • 3. Slurs, Hands and Fingers Extended
  • 4. Articulation and Enunciation
  • 5. Tuning Chords
  • 6. Etude

    Publisher: RWS
    Composer/Author: Smith, Robert W.
    Catalog Number: RWS182600

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