Brazilian Cafe Putumayo CD

Catalog: PUT2922

Price: $14.98
Putumayo's Brazilian Cafe is an enchanting addition to its Cafe series. Brazilian Cafe brings together a captivating selection of samba, bossa nova and jazz by Brazilian stars and up-and-coming talents. In the early 1960s, legendary Brazilian composers Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes hung out in an Ipanema beachside cafe where they would often see a beautiful neighborhood girl, Helo Pinheiro, walk by. She became the inspiration for one of the most popular songs of all time, “Girl From Ipanema.” The global bossa nova boom can be traced to that moment of musical inspiration at a Brazilian cafe and most of the artists on this CD drew inspiration from Jobim, de Moraes and other songwriters who followed.

With this release, Putumayo continues to demonstrate the strong connection between food and music. In addition to collections such as Music from the Wine Lands and Music from the Coffee Lands, more than 15 of the label’s CDs include recipes. Brazilian Cafe features recipes for cafezinho, a Brazilian coffee drink, and pave de cafe, a popular Brazilian coffee dessert. Putumayo’s previous Cafe collections, Italian Cafe, French Cafe and Cafe Cubano, have sold one million copies.

Publisher: Putumayo
Catalog Number: PUT2922