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Giglight Max (Bat/ACAdapter)

Catalog: GMXAC9

Price: $71.99


Giglight Max™ 

The BEST Portable Music Stand Light

  • Maintains Brightness even as the batteries wear down.
  • Adjustable Beam Spread – Fully covers 2,3 or 4 pages of music.
  • Hi (8.5 hrs) and Low (15 hrs) power settings allow you to decide brightness and battery life. (using 2600 ma NiMH)
  • Low-Battery Warning Light – 1-hr remaining on High, or 2-hrs on Low.
  • Operates on either (4) AA batteries, AC or USB
  • Protects Rechargeable NiMH Batteries for long-life (4-6 years).
  • Won’t block view above stand
  • Folds up compact and portable.
  • SAFE – No Lithium batteries which might catch on fire or explode, (even when not in use).

Model: GMXAC9
Manufacturer: LAMPCRAFT