B.A.C. Paseo Handcrafted Trumpet

Catalog: BAC-TR-PAS

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- .460” Bore
- 5” Copper Reso-Tempered Seamless Bell
- B.A.C. Custom 1890 Leadpipe
- .343” Venturi
- Yellow Brass Dual Radius Main Tuning Slide
- Combo Satin Finish
- Protec Pro-Pac Contured Case
- Silver Plated Version Available

The Paseo:
One of the oldest and most important Builvards in Kansas City, 'The Paseo', was a result of the "City Beautiful" movement and came about in the 1890's. This beautiful stretch of road cut through what is known today as Kansas City's 'Historic Jazz District'. In tribute to a road that so many iconic Jazz musicians travelled on during the birth and evolution of America's music, we present 'The Paseo Model'.

Paseo Trumpet:
B.A.C. beauty of design and craftsmanship is embodied in this deluxe trumpet for superb tone quality and flawless action.Designed for musicians who crave a rich, complex sound with plenty of core, the Paseo Model trumpet features a full copper Reso-Tempered Bell. The one-piece seamless bell is spun to 5". The combination of all brass leadpipe, and tuning slide crooks, along with the nickel silver trim provides a stunning aesthetic with a sound that is unmatched by anything in this area of the marketplace. The bell taper selected for this instrument provides superb intonation, and allows superb flexibility to the musician. Slotting is incredibly easy, and effortless. The combination of design elements brought together for this instrument yield a unique sounding trumpet with an incredible amount of versatility.

Manufacturer: B.A.C.