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Have fun learning to read music and understand music theory with the newly revised Puppy Packet (ages preK - adult). Packs of game cards, teaching tips and guide cards are grouped together in a sturdy carry box. These materials are ideal for one student, small groups or classroom situations. It is excellent for each student to have their own. The Puppy Packet materials are used individually or in combination for games that will hold the attention of young children, provide a support system for music students, guide parents and provide teachers with many clever ideas for teaching useful music reading and theory skills. They have been meticulously designed by Michiko Yurko with the assistance of many trained Music Mind Games teachers. While some content has been improved, they are completely compatible with the materials that were sold from fall 2006 through spring 2008. There is a colorful Puppy Packet flyer to post or use as an e-mail attachment available at the bottom of this page. The Puppy Packet includes the following materials which can also be ordered separately:

  • Alphabet Cards and Wild Cards
  • Do Re Mi Cards
  • Blue Jello Cards - Set 1
  • Grand Staff Cards
  • Rhythm Playing Cards
  • Music Symbol Cards - Set 1
  • Tempo Cards
  • Staff Pack
  • Music Mind Games Handbook
  • Magic Notes
  • Magic Notes Container
  • Magic Wand
  • Carry Box

Once you receive your materials, click on the link below to download an inventory list. If anything is missing, this document will give you the steps to get replacements. If you bought a Puppy Packet between June 2006 and May 2008, it's simple to add the new items: do re mi cards, Handbook, magic notes, magic notes container, magic wand, and carry box. The slightly larger staff slate is laminated and precut to fold conveniently in the carry box and the clefs, accidentals and ledger lines are also precut, so you may want the Staff Pack, too.

Publisher: Music Mind Game
Catalog Number: MMGPP