Evah Pirazzi Violin A String

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  • new synthetic fibre
  • modern manufacturing technique
  • high quality winding materials
  • strings made by hand
  • strict quality control
  • most intensive and brilliant
  • widest possible range of dynamic and soloistic play
  • solid warm tonal fundament
  • voluminous and noble sound characteristic
  • outstanding quick response
  • delicate nuances also within the pianissimo range
  • focused tonal presence
  • optimal left hand feeling
  • soft and immediately playable
  • resistant to changes in temperature and humidity; enormous stability in tone
  • all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony
  • set: E Silvery Steel (ball or loop), A aluminum, D sterling-silver, G sterling-silver
  • E string also in goldplated carbon steel available
  • 3 gauges: weich, mittel, stark
  • straight or in envelopes (sets also)
  • Pirastro® colour code at the tailpiece end: black spiral on light green


for the optimal use of the new Evah Pirazzi violin strings

The development of the new Evah Pirazzi violin strings is based on an exclusive new core material, along with advances in manufacturing technique. The result is an ideal blend: the proven sound characteristics of PIRASTRO® gut strings along with the advantages of synthetic based strings (stability in tone and quick playability).

The following guidelines are proposed to achieve the full performance of Evah Pirazzi violin strings.

1 While stringing the instrument, avoid tightening strings above normal pitch. Within the first 2 to 3 minutes, you may expect these strings to stretch more than normal synthetic core strings. However, within 10 minutes Evah Pirazzi strings become almost completely stable, and are thoroughly so after just 1 or 2 days.

2 Take care that the bridge and nut grooves are not overly deep, and that they match the string gauge. Sharp edges on the bridge will damage fine strings. Graphite or soft pencil marking is recommended for the grooves of the bridge and nut, to help strings slide smoothly. · Test indicate that the best sound results can be obtained when the A-string is used without a fine tuner.

3 The position of the bridge is important for the sound characteristics of your instrument. The top of the bridge may pull toward the scroll as you put on new strings. This should be checked and corrected so the back of the bridge is perpendicular to the top (or very slightly tilted towards the tailpiece). Properly positioned, the bridge feet should rest on the top without gaps.

4 Strings which have been played and then removed may be used again if they are in good condition. However, some loss of sound quality may be expected.

5 To preserve the excellent quality of volume and response, we recommend PIRASTRO® string cleaner to remove excess rosin from the strings on a daily basis. However, as it contains alcohol, please take care that the cleaner does not come in contact with the varnish of your instrument.

6 Our Oliv / Evah Pirazzi rosin has an ideal compound of ingredients to fit the Evah Pirazzi strings, formulated to bring them perfectly to life, and to maximize their performance on your instrument.

Enjoy your play with Evah Pirazzi violin strings!

Evah Pirazzi: "Ready-Steady-Play !"®

Model: 419221
Manufacturer: Pirastro