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Toca DIDG-DGSH 56" Large Horn Duro Didgeridoo, Green Swirl

Catalog: DIDG-DGSH

Price: $40.99


Toca has taken one of the most ancient of instruments, the didgeridoo, and given it a modern-day twist that makes it more durable and easier to play. The Aboriginal people of Australia have played the didgeridoo for centuries. Its unique harmonic spacing has brought about a recent revival in popularity among many musicians. Toca Didgeridoos offer an authentic original sound, in an instrument that respects traditional design while featuring the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques.

Toca's Green Swirl Duro Didgeridoo starts with a synthetic shell that is both lightweight and durable. The shell is then decorated with an all-over, bonded green swirl pattern for a look as unique and striking as the sound. The didgeridoo is 56" long and has a large horn (bell) of approximately 7.5" diameter. Many beginners find that large horn models make it easier to produce a first sound, and the large horn also strengthens the lower frequencies for great bass sounds.

Toca's Didgeridoos offer deep, sonorous tonality, a colorful appearance, and ultra-durable construction. The result is an instrument that combines the best of the ancient and modern musical worlds.

  • Lightweight synthetic construction
  • Large horn for larger sound, ease of playing
  • Green swirl pattern
  • Extremely durable
  • Unbelievable tonal qualities

NOTE: The closeup photo shows the true color. The full-length photo - provided by the manufacturer - shows the overall appearance and shape, but the color is off - the instrument is definitely green, NOT brown.

Manufacturer: Toca