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Groth Music was founded in 1939 by Chester E. Groth, a professional musician, who sought to bring a quality music store to Twin Cities musicians. Once established, Groth Music earned a reputation of integrity, a place where one could find a knowledgeable sales staff, and quality merchandise at fair prices. Groth Music remained at its downtown Minneapolis location for nearly 50 years until the boom of skyscrapers forced the last vestige of the old fashioned music store out of Minneapolis.

Chester Groth died in 1985 and ownership was assumed by his daughter. Nancy Groth Kersten expanded inventory to include printed music, ethnic instruments from around the world, and gift items not normally found in the Twin Cities. Groth Music is still an old fashioned family music store with an emphasis on quality products, integrity, and satisfied customers.

Groth Music developed a web presence in 1999 and continues to bring additional items online today. In 2005 the company began publishing a Music Education Catalog which is now distributed nationwide and includes 164 pages packed full of some of the most popular items used in schools and churches around the country, and even overseas.

Groth expanded its business further through the acquisition of Music Products Inc. (MPI) in 2013 and Eble Music Co. in 2014. MPI's focus was classroom music, including an MPI branded line of student recorders, while Eble's specialty was classical printed music. Both brands continue to thrive under the Groth umbrella.

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Some photos from the Archives

The photos below offer a quick peek into our 21,000 square foot showroom. For the full effect, take the VIRTUAL TOUR!