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Groth Music - Your Minnesota School Band and Orchestra Rental Headquarters

Our trial program is completely risk-free.  You may return the instrument at any time and cancel the contract.  Your monthly payments apply to the purchase price of the instrument, yet you are never obligated to purchase your instrument.  The districts and schools listed below have a Groth Music representative who services those schools regularly.

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Groth Music Trial Plan Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I choose Groth Music over another Music store?

Our trial plans charge NO interest or hidden fees.

Our trial plans are flexible and competitive and our School Services staff is committed to making your Band or Orchestra experience enjoyable and affordable.

Groth Music has been proudly serving Minnesota music students, teachers and professionals since 1939.

Groth Music is a family owned, Minnesota company.

Most school districts are served weekly by a Groth Music representative.

Must I eventually purchase the instrument?

No. you can continue using the instrument for as long as you wish. The flexible

Trial Order from Groth Music offers you all of your options every month. If your

child finds that band and orchestra is not for them, the instrument may be returned

at any time. You may make larger payments or pay off the entire balance at any time

once you are certain that you would like to purchase. If you still need time to decide, the

Trial Order allows you to continue making monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

Is it to my disadvantage to pay more up front?

No. Our rates are low, but if you ever decide to buy, you may pay more toward your principle

at any time. Most stores charge finance on their instruments.

Groth Music charges absolutely NO finance charges for the life of your contract!

Why do other stores carry different instrument brands?

Your school Band or Orchestra director selects the brand(s) he or she feels are the best instruments

for your money. Different stores carry different brands and most are made very much the same, making

it a matter of personal preference. Major brand student line instruments (like those recommended by

your directors) are manufactured with durability in mind while maintaining features of high quality

instruments. Groth Music carries most of the major brands for each band and orchestra instrument.

Am I responsible for repairs on the instrument? What if it is lost or stolen?

Groth Music offers an inexpensive Maintenance/Replacement Plan on most instruments. This plan

covers repairs to the instrument and replacement should the instrument be lost, stolen or damaged

beyond repair. All repairs take place in our in-store repair facility and pick-up, delivery, and loaners

are available at no additional charge.

Wouldn't I be better off working through a store closer to my home?

You need not make a trip to our store. Groth Music services most schools on a regular basis and

everything can be taken care of through your School Services Representative. If you decide to visit us,

we are conveniently located on Nicollet Avenue, just two blocks south of I-494 in Bloomington.

Why are the Trial Plans different for some school districts?

Some school districts require additional accessory items to be included with the trial plans. In

addition our school service representatives have set up your district's trial plan to meet the

needs of your child's music teacher. Your representative will help you get everything you need to

make your child's band or orchestra experience a successful one.