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Livin' Inside Out in an Upside Down World! Listening CD

Price: $16.98

"What You are after Lord, is truth . . . from the inside out!" Psalm 51:6. That's exactly what this new children's musical is all about . . . God's truth changing us to live inside out. From best-selling children's musical creator Celeste Clydesdale comes Livin' Inside Out, a children's musical making sense of living in an upside down world. Based on Scripture about how we must live as Christians, the story of Zach, a star athlete, unfolds. Injured before a big game, the prideful Zach learns about humility and sacrifice, and how God's ways are different from the world's ways. Through songs such as "Inhale the New Life," "Shepherd Boy," "Upside Down World!" and others, children deepen their understanding of what God looks for in His servants on earth, and how we should live as true followers of Jesus. Children will see that Christ, the "Servant King" who humbly came to earth and sacrificed for us is the greatest example of living inside out in an upside down world. Arranged in easy unison and 2-part vocals.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Word Music
Composer/Author: Clydesdale
Catalog Number: 080689760228