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Latino Contemp - Flute Choir

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An original composition in three movements. Each movement portrays a type of music that echoes a Latino phrase with a contemporary sound.

Con Vida (Translated "With Life") Performance Time: 3:05

This section uses punctuating rhythms while being very melodic and lyrical. There are a multitude of meter changes throughout the entire movement that easily flow from one to the other with a natural feel.

Mi Amor (Translated "My Love") Performance Time: 2:22

This is written in a Habanera dance style with extremely sensual melodies.

Olé (Translated "Bravo, Well Done!") Performance Time: 2:22

This begins with a typical unison theme followed by the same melody as a duet. Fom this point on, it moves through various types of syncopated sections before returning to the beginning theme. Exciting!

Table of Contents:
  • Con Vida
  • Mi Amor
  • Ole

    Publisher: Lombardo Music
    Composer/Author: Lombardo, Ricky
    Catalog Number: FCE029
    Pages: 84

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