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Marimba Master Class on Reflections on the Nature of Water - Mallet Method

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Jacob Druckman's Reflection on the Nature of Water has become one of the standard 4-mallet marimba solos in the contemporary marimba literature. This master class, written by the person it was composed for, Dan Druckman, the composer's son - Associate Principal Percussionist of the New York Philharmonic - provides a unique insight into the complexities of this monumental work. This analysis of Reflections includes: · Exploration of the sonic, timbral, and expressive possibilities of the marimba in a unique way · A hands-on, specific, nuts and bolts approach to understanding and performing the piece · Applications of mallet choices, strokes, articulation, and phrasing-to have as wide a sonic palette as possible ·¦Correction of mistakes in the score (mostly accidentals or rhythmic errors)

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Meredith Music
Composer/Author: Druckman, Daniel
Catalog Number: 00109722
Pages: 24