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Yamaha YAS-62III Professional Alto Saxophone

Catalog: YAS-62III

Price: $3091.99

Call to order: 800-969-4772

The Yamaha YAS-62III professional saxophone is the perfect fit for anyone from the rising student to the seasoned pro.  This alto saxophone includes a new neck design for faster response.  The slightly narrower bore blows comfortably. The easy to control, slightly darker tone features a more solid tonal core.  The new engraving is more elaborate with finer detail.  The new design offers delicate beauty.  An improved mechanism from low B-C# ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument.  The semi-hard, protective case can be carried by hand or over your shoulder.

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PLEASE NOTE: Yamaha warranties apply only to instruments sold to customers in the United States. To obtain warranty protection for a Yamaha instrument outside the USA, you will need to purchase it from an authorized Yamaha dealer in your country of residence.

Model: YAS-62III
Manufacturer: Yamaha