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Duschenes: Method for the Recorder, Part 1 - F Recorders

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Mario Duschenes' recorder method for F recorders (alto, sopranino, and bass reading treble clef) is divided into two books, each available separately: Method for the Recorder Part 1 and Method for the Recorder Part 2. All music is in treble clef.

Part 1 includes some instruction in reading music, but it moves quickly through that to playing more interesting tunes, scales, arpeggios, and other exercises. It is faster-paced than classroom recorder methods, and is a good all-in-one start for adults or older children. It can be used for self-study or with a teacher.

Notes are introduced in Part 1 as follows: E, D, C, F, G, high C, high D, high A, low A, low G, low F, low Bb, high Bb, low B, high B, Eb, F#, C#, high Eb, high E, high F, high G, Ab/G#, and high C#. Fingerings are given for both Baroque/English and German recorders.

Duschenes' Candadian background is displayed in numerous French-Canadian folk tunes that may be new and unique for an American audience. At the end of the book are 10 easy duets for soprano and alto recorders.

Duschenes' Method for Recorder is also available for C recorders (soprano and tenor.) The first volume for each instrument uses the same music (and therefore the same fingering patterns,) transposed appropriately - for example, the C/soprano book begins with B-A-G, and the F/alto book begins with E-D-C.

Publisher: Berandol
Composer/Author: Duschenes, Mario
Catalog Number: DER1001
Pages: 48

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