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Duschenes: Studies in Recorder Playing - Alto Recorder

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Studies in Recorder Playing: 79 Daily Exercises by Mario Duschenes contains major scales (to 6 sharps and 4 flats) and harmonic minor scales (to 5 sharps and 3 flats,) arpeggios, interval studies, broken chords, and fingering exercises for selected difficult finger exchanges. There are also exercises which require the player to apply different key signatures to the same music, including some non-standard signatures.

These exercises are excellent technique-builders for upper intermediate to advanced players. All are in treble clef.

Available separately for both C (soprano and tenor) and F (alto and sopranino, and bass playing in treble clef) recorders, the music and fingering patterns are the same in each book, but are transposed appropriately for the respective instruments.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Berandol
Composer/Author: Duschenes, Mario
Catalog Number: BER1014