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KidsPlay Combined Handbell & Deskbells 8 Note Diatonic Set

Price: $50.00


Pictured is the 8 Note Diatonic Set, which includes 8 bells from C to c.

KidsPlay Handbell/Deskbell combination sets conveniently combine the features of both the KidsPlay handbells and deskbells into one handy and versatile product. These sets feature the same bright colors and correct intonation as all KidsPlay bell products. The special mechanism not only allows the bells to be played two ways - either by pushing the button or by hand ringing - but also helps to reduce the "double ringing" effect when playing melodies. In addition, when using the chord playing (tremolo) method, this mechanism can help to soften the volume which is helpful when multiple bells are ringing at the same time.

Model: RB107
Manufacturer: Rhythm Band