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Tango Etudes - Sax (or Clarinet) and Piano

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This edition of Piazzolla's Tango Etudes includes separate solo parts for alto saxophone and B-flat clarinet, along with a piano accompaniment created by the composer.  The Etudes were originally conceived and published as unaccompanied, with the composer adding a piano part later at the request of the publisher.  The saxophone part in this edition contains the same written pitches as the flute/violin edition (HL24897) and can be used for unaccompanied performance by sax, clarinet, and other treble instruments.  The clarinet part is transposed down a fifth for use with the piano accompaniment.

  • Edited by Yann Ollivo
  • Saxophone part prepared in collaboration with Claude Delangle
  • Clarinet part revised by Michel Pellegrino

Notes for the publisher:

Some time in 1988, after he (Piazzolla) had returned the manuscript of the Tango-Etudes (or Tangoistic Studies) in the version for alto saxophone in Eb prepared in collaboration with Claude Delangle, we asked Astor Piazzolla if he could not harmonize them, echoing the requests of flautists after the original edition had been published for their instrument in 1987. In February 1989, the composer wrote to us from Punta del Este, in Uruguay, where he was staying before returning to Buenos Aires:

Dear friend, finished the piano part of the Etudes tanguistiques for saxo alto and piano... Good luck to Mr Delangle and please tell him to forgive my music handwriting. I was in a hurry and could not do it better... Please let me know if you received the music.

And indeed, the manuscript arrived just a few days later - only to be carefully stored away ! In fact it was so difficult to decipher it that the publication had to be shelved for quite some time. In December 1989, therefore, we published the version for alto saxophone as originally planned, leaving the harmonised version to follow at a later date. But Piazzolla's health subsequently declined, and he died in 1992. It was many years before the planned edition saw the light of day, following much painstaking work on the manuscript.

Table of Contents:
  • 1. Décidé
  • 2. Anxieux et rubato
  • 3. Molto marcato e energico
  • 4. Lento meditativo
  • 5. Sans indication
  • 6. Avec anxiété

    Publisher: Lemoine
    Composer/Author: Piazzolla, Astor
    Arranger/Editor: Delangle et al.
    Catalog Number: HL27733

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