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Concerto in E-flat Major, Op. 36 - Clarinet and Piano

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Frantisek Vincenc Kramar's birthplace was in today's Czech Republic.  He worked his way up through official and church positions in today's Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria before becoming Kapellmeister and court composer to the Imperial Court of Austria, succeeding Leopld Kozeluch.  Along the way he adopted the form of his name known to musicians today, Franz Vinzenz Krommer.  

Living from 1759 to 1831, Krommer had plenty of time to write plenty of music.  He covered all the usual forms:  Masses with orchestra, motets, symphonies, concertos, string quartets, various sonatas and chamber ensembles, and piano/harpsichord music.  Even though he was a violinist and organist, he wrote well for wind instruments and wrote marches, serenades, and "parthias" for serenade-sized ensembles.

Krommer's Clarinet Concerto, Op. 36, was first published in 1803.  The Kunzelmann edition, published in 1975, is a practical performing edition by Melinda Berlasz.  The piano reduction is by Pal Karolyi.  Cued notes in the solo part are printed in the same size as the soloist's notes, indictated by the words "Solo" and "Tutti."  Edition has measure numbers but no rehearsal letters or numbers.

An intriguing misprint occurs at the very end of the last movement in the solo part.  After the trill on G, the next measure goes directly to the orchestral cue notes instead of resolving on F.  Even more interesting is that the solo part in the original printed edition, visible on IMSLP, does exactly the same thing.


Table of Contents:
  • 1. Allegro
  • 2. Adagio
  • 3. Allegro moderato

    Publisher: Kunzelmann
    Composer/Author: Krommer, Franz
    Catalog Number: GM217

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