Music Mind Games, Tempo Cards

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This set of tempo cards is used throughout Music Mind Games in beginning through advanced games to teach students (ages 6 - adult) about the various tempos used in musical compositions. There is a card for each of the eleven basic tempos: Largo, Lento, Adagio, Andante, Andantino, Moderato, Allegretto, Allegro, Vivace, Presto and Prestissimo. A guide card, which shows the order of tempos, a card on teaching tempos symmetrically and five games makes this a very complete set for learning tempos.

Each set of tempo cards has two cards for each of the eleven tempos since many games use two sets of cards.

About Tempo Cards

There are many possibilities for fun card games to help with memorizing the order of tempos.

When used with games from the book Music Mind Games, these cards help students:

  • learn the meanings and pronunciation of tempos
  • learn how to interpret tempos in music
  • learn the order of tempos from slowest to fastest or "middle out"
  • identify the symmetrical arrangement of the tempos
  • learn to determine the speed of a particular composition by reading the tempo

These materials can be used independently and in combination with magic notes and magic wands.

You will use the tempo cards to play such games as: Teaching Tempos, Tempo Sing It Like It Is, Fine, Fix the Order, Tempo Mix-up, Play or Pass, Body Order, Five Hiding, Snake, Chance Match, War, Scrabble, Suspense, Speed, and Slow.


  • A handy chart showing the order of the tempos is included.
  • The font for the tempo cards is like printed music.
  • Five games, several new since the Music Mind Games book was published, are included.
  • Colored borders help students stay focused.
  • The centers of each card are white so they are easier to read.

Publisher: Music Mind Game
Catalog Number: MMGT