Articulation Development for Clarinetists - Book/CD

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Larry Guy's Articulation Development for Clarinetists offers a thorough discussion on all aspects of articulation, with useful exercises for practice and development.  Included are concepts, practice routines, and quotations from legendary woodwind teachers of the Twenieth-Century such as Daniel Bonade, Harold Wright, Robert Marcellus, Kalmen Opperman, Leon Russianoff, Marcel Moyse and Marcel Tabuteau.  The section Famous Articulated Passages and Suggestions to Aid in the Mastery of Them brings together in one place many difficult articulation pasages from the chamber and orchestral clarinet literature.  The companion CD has examples and demonstrations, and the volume is spiral bound.

Question to Stanley Hasty (former Professor of Clarinet, Eastman School of Music): "If you had two excellent high school clarinetists auditioning for Eastman, and only one opening, how would you make a selection?"

Mr. Hasty: "I'd accept the player who could articulate better."

Table of Contents:
  • 01. Building the Foundation: Air Stream and Embouchure
  • 02. The Attack
  • 03. The Short Staccato
  • 04. Benefits of Short Note Study
  • 05. Variety of Articulated Style
  • 06. Developing the Quality of Articulated Sound
  • 07. The Norm and Variances from It
  • 08. Reed and Mouthpiece Considerations
  • 09. Exercises to Develop Articulation Stability and Endurance
  • 10. Acquiring Speed with Accuracy
  • 11. Famous Articulated Passages and Suggestions to Aid in the Mastery of Them
  • 12. Multiple Tonguing: Double and Triple Tonguing
  • Appendix: Harold Wright Articulation Warmups

  • Publisher: Rivernote
    Composer/Author: Guy, Larry
    Catalog Number: ADFC
    Pages: 113


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