Dinomotion (Reproducible Singer Copy)

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Children have long been fascinated by dinosaurs. This one act play utilizes upbeat music, movement and informative dialogue to present interesting facts about the lost world of dinosaurs. Under the expert guidance of Prof. Fossil [paleontologist] and Prof. Rockbottom [geologist] a group of students search the Badlands of South Dakota for the remains of these intriguing creatures. Through their search they learn a great deal about the life and times of dinosaurs. Additional facts are provided by "Dino Narrators" who with rhyming script share a wealth of meaningful information. The seven songs lend themselves to creative dramatization and movement. As both a performance piece or an instructional tool , "Dinomotion" is filled with endless learning opportunities. Perfect for cast sizes large or small with easy scenery and staging suggestions provided.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Shawnee
Composer/Author: Gallina, Michael
Catalog Number: 35005366
Pages: 24