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Know Your Music Terms and Symbols, Book and CD-ROM

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This resource is the third in a very successful series of reproducible worksheet collections to help teach music theory to students using games, crossword puzzles and fun activities. This collection teaches tempo terms and symbols, dynamic terms and symbols, repeats, reviews note names, teaches accidentals, key signatures, articulation and expression terms and symbols. Each section teaches the content, then offers short answer assessments and a multiple choice quiz. Students love the Tempo Trivia Bingo, Expression Tic-Tac-Toe, Repeat Concentration games! The worksheets are given as both PowerPoints and Smartboard files for teachers who have a computer/projector or a Smartboard in their classroom.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: THEMES & VAR
Composer/Author: Harper, Veronica
Catalog Number: TVAL10
Pages: 56