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Concerto - Trombone and Piano

Price: $44.10

Also available for trombone and concert band (44010749) Philip Sparke's Trombone Concerto was written for Olaf Ott, principal trombonist with the Berlin Philharmonic. The concerto is in traditional three-movement form and the whole work could be seen as a dramatic soliloquy for the soloist, who starts in earnest and agitated mood but, as the concerto progresses, is able to take a more optimistic tone before ending the work with what could be called a symphonic samba. Movement 1 begins darkly until the solo part introduces a more positive theme - only to be overruled by a faster, troubled accompaniment; the movement closes over a sombre drum ostinato. Movement 2 opens with a heartfelt plea in the accompaniment that is echoed by the soloist, who then plays a simple chorale melody introducing a delicate central section. A chant-like tune leads to a joyous climax, heralding a return of the opening material. Movement 3 casts all troubles aside in a joyful samba - a jazz-influenced central tune explores the higher ranges of the trombone before the samba rhythms set up a contest between trombone and piano. The soloist is the eventual winner (of course) and celebrates by reintroducing the samba melody before bringing the work to a virtuosic close.

Table of Contents:
  • 1. Agitato
  • 2. Molto lento
  • 3. Vivo

    Publisher: Anglo Music
    Composer/Author: Sparke, Philip
    Catalog Number: 44007077

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