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Argoru 8 - Snare Drum Unaccompanied

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ARGORU VIII for snare drum is a daring, even cheeky little piece. It plays with the common notions of what snare drums are supposed to do. For example, it features absolutely deafening silences. It is also decidedly about rhythm on the one hand and about expression on the other, no less so than a popular song might be. Like some strange creature eloquent in only its own language, the snare drum gets worked up but also whispers, gripping the listener in its brutal honesty. The composer is quoted as saying of the work, “I avoided the use of drum rolls, flams and other typical things one associates with snare drumming. Rhythm was my main concentration in the writing of this work.” ARGORU VIII was commissioned by Meet The Composer Commissioning Music/USA and was written for Peggy Benkeser.


– Carman Moore (2009)

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Schott
Composer/Author: Singleton, Alvin
Arranger/Editor: Benkeser, Peggy
Catalog Number: ED30023
Pages: 16