Chimes of Dunkirk (Book)

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2010 revision of New England Dancing Masters’ classic collection of 20 traditional dances for children. First published in 1991, the editors have improved and updated the dance descriptions, and added several sections on teaching dance to children including tips on calling a dance and various strategies for choosing partners with children.

Includes simple longways dances, circle dances, square dances and contra dances. Ideas for teaching dance successfully in schools, a glossary of dance terms and transcriptions of the dance tunes are included.

Table of Contents: Book

  • I. Introductory Chapters
    • Introduction
    • How the Music and Dances Fit Together
    • Dancing in the Classroom
    • Building Community Through Traditional Dance
    • Tips on Calling a Dance
    • Choosing Partners
  • II. Dances in Longways Sets
    • Chimes of Dunkirk
    • Alabama Gal
    • Durham Reel
    • The Sweets of May
    • Galopede
    • Virginia Reel
    • Foula Reel
    • Willow Tree
  • III. Circle Dances
    • Heel and Toe Polka
    • La Bastringue
    • Blaydon Races
    • Lucky Seven
  • IV. Sicilian Circle Dances
    • Hey Ho Diddley Dum
    • Haste to the Wedding
    • Dip for the Oyster
  • V. Square Dances
    • Simple Square
    • Redwing
  • VI. Contra Dances
    • Jefferson Reel
    • Haste to the Wedding
    • Broken Sixpence
  • VII. Glossary
  • VIII. Other Resources

Publisher: New England DM
Catalog Number: NEDM1
Pages: 50