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Intermediate Snare Drum Studies

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This book is divided into two sections. The first section contains studies that focus on a specific aspect of playing, e.g. single strokes, accents, rolls, and flams. They are purposely written without dynamics and tempo indications, for they are intended to be practiced at various tempi and dynamic levels. The idea is that they can be taken slow enough to be easy or fast enough to be difficult. All studies in this section should be practiced with alternating sticking, first starting with the right hand, then starting with the left hand.

The second section contains 32 studies that are specific in regard to meter, tempi, and dynamics. However, indications are only guides. It's a good idea to vary the tempi, because what is fascile at one tempo may be awkward at another.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Try Publishing
Composer/Author: Peters, Mitchell
Catalog Number: TRY1064
Pages: 44